Document Management

Effectively managing business information is crucial to remain competitive and responsive. And having the right tools is a critical component when you’re moving towards that goal. eMerge has the leading edge technology you need to make your business excel.

As you move along your Digital Transformation journey, experience, expertise and innovative technology all matter. eMerge provides meaningful technology solutions that give you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

Capture is the entry point towards the Digital Office.
It’s the starting line where Digital Transformation begins.
Don’t get left behind!

Forms Processing

Identify, classify and extract all of the data from your documents – without the hassle. We can revolutionize your AP processes.

Capture / Scanning

Our award-winning capture products minimize effort and maximize productivity. We put structure to your unstructured information.

Scanning Hardware

The best scanning hardware, with the help from eMerge experts, equals unmatched results that make your business excel.

Workflow / Eforms

Automate document routing and streamline business processes. Eliminate paper forms and replace them with Eform versions. True paperless for your business!

Tame your Information Silos

Think of it! All of your assets in one place. Historical file share data, electronic files, microfilm archives, email history, AND all new information moving forward; Secure. Centralized. And Controlled.

Connect with your assets

Link critical content to your core systems. Accelerate response times. Our cloud or on-premise solutions deliver information where and when it’s needed.