The eMerge team holds client satisfaction as our ultimate goal. eMerge is a customer-oriented group that works closely with you to make sure that you have the right tools to positively impact your business. Before we make any recommendations, we’ll listen closely to what you have to say. We treat your business the way we treat our own business – by strategically planning to meet specific goals and business objectives. Our objective is be a leading provider of secure, simple to use ECM solutions with support services and industry experience that enhances the success of our customers.

Core Values

Customer Focus

Businesses prosper when they meet the needs of their customers. The consistent delivery of superior service requires the careful design and execution of a whole system of coordinated activities that includes the right people, culture, technology and processes. eMerge is committed to focusing on customer satisfaction that assures happy, satisfied customers. Anything less than “great” is just not good enough!


Ethics and integrity are essential elements of a successful business. Values like truth and honesty help us to build sound ongoing relationships with each other, vendors and customers. We live in a time when commoditized sales and distant customer relationships can leave customers feeling disconnected. With openness and honesty as our guiding principles, we establish powerful relationships with each of our customers. The customer loyalty and trust that results from adhering to these values is priceless.

Strong Technology Base

Customer expectations are extremely high for technology providers. eMerge understands that to meet, and more importantly exceed our customer expectations, we must maintain a strong technology base and technical support staff. eMerge is committed to the ongoing success of our customers by maintaining a strong technology base that delivers value with every customer interaction.

Staff Knowledge

Each time we interact with our customers there is some type of exchange of knowledge. The quality and management of this knowledge exchange directly impacts the quality of our customers’ experiences. eMerge is committed to hiring, developing and maintaining an educated staff of information management professionals that deliver constant value to its customers and prospects. All eMerge staff support and remain actively involved in building and maintaining knowledge that continues to positively add to our customer’s success.

Eye on the Technology Horizon

The information management landscape is constantly changing. eMerge is committed to delivering specific core services focused on ECM technology with a keen eye poised on the changing face of technology. Throughout our over 20 years of providing ECM solutions, we have seen repeatedly how this approach assures the best opportunities for the long range success of both eMerge and our customers.