Managing information is a critical component for any business or organization to run at peak efficiency, regardless of industry. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, leaving it to chance is risky and ultimately leads to unfavorable conditions such as high labor costs, poor customer service and a basic disconnect between an organization and its information assets.

We’ll help you make the right decisions; ones that help you achieve your business goals in the shortest timeframe possible.


eMerge provides document management and imaging products and services that are ideal for government and the public service sector. State, city, county and local government have a responsibility to their constituents to provide the best services and support possible. eMerge has extensive experience with small and large scale implementations and document conversions. And we provide a full range of products and services that will save time, money and provide the essential security and protection for critical information assets.


When educational institutions effectively manage information assets, education excels and staff is more focused on the educational experience. Our ECM solutions significantly reduce operating costs, help institutions adhere to student privacy regulations, and promotes a positive educational experience for each student. eMerge has extensive experience providing a full range of Enterprise Content Management solutions to the education industry. Our solutions assist with your information management tasks ranging from business documents such as payroll, personnel, and finance to student records, transcripts, contracts and other supporting information.


The information contained in billing records, patient medical records and medical insurance claims is vital to any healthcare organization and represents its most important asset. eMerge ECM solutions allow healthcare organizations to manage all information in one location, with secure access to the information from anywhere in the world. Operational efficiency is dramatically improved and the high costs associated with managing information in a paper-based environment are eliminated. Staff and physicians in different locations can review patient records at the same time. Retrieving necessary information in seconds improves the patient experience and transforms internal business operations. Your documents are never lost, never misfiled and never unavailable.


Manufacturing companies create and maintain a wide variety of business documents that need to be accessed each day. eMerge ECM solutions bring order to finance and accounting records, human resource files, contracts, CAD files, company policies and procedures and even business transactions made through email. Your assets remain secure and protected and can be accessed in seconds from anywhere on the globe, anytime. Our solutions let you shift your focus to servicing your customers. The result? Customer service improves, expenses are reduced and your business has new opportunities for expansion and growth.

Financial Services

Remaining agile and responsive is a necessity of being a valued provider in the Financial Services business sector. eMerge solutions ensure instant availability of critical business information wherever and whenever it’s needed while knowing that those assets remain secure and protected.